Being in the great outdoors is one of my greatest passions and more than anything else, I like to hike and walk on trails any chance I get. As such, I have gone through countless walking shoes from a slew of brands that have offered me great support over the years. Since I am an avid walker, I am constantly searching for the best shoes on the market that give me the comfort and flexibility I need when walking. Of course, there are some shoe brands that are better than others, and I have come across some lesser known companies that actually produce better shoes than the more mainstream ones. Naturally, I have asked friends and other avid walkers out there for their opinion and I am constantly streamlining my list as I scour sites online for great pairs of shoes.

What are some of the sites that I have come across to produce a short list of candidates to be my next walking shoes? Well, I have turned to that gave me a list that also had input from previous owners and reviewers. I highly recommend it for those that want to get a more accurate account of what is out there.

Next, I chose to get more information here and was surprised at the long list of the shoes they advised some of the best available out there. Just to ensure that I covered all of my bases, I also went to and found a more comprehensive list of walking shoes that were among the most comfortable around.

Before you go out and buy your next pair of shoes, you should know that they come in so many different types. You also have to take into consideration that you want those shoes specifically for as those are some for fitness walking or those that are comfortable enough to take you from the office to traveling. So, what type of shoe is the best fit for you? Here are some factors that come to mind when you have to select the perfect shoe:

The fit is IT.

Not only should the shoes you select fit well, but there should be ample room left so that your feet can expand when you are walking. The shoes should also be about half a size larger than a dress shoe.

Flexibility is key.

A great walking shoe should be able to adapt to more than one environment and be flexible enough to roll as you step from the heel of your foot to the toe. If it doesn’t, you cannot possibly have a great walking experience and your range of motion can be compromised. If the shoes are stiffer than a board, you more than likely require different shoes.

Flat walking shoes.

There should be only a slight difference between the ball and heel of the foot. Search for flatter designs as opposed to a heel that is built-up.

Asics Gel DS-Trainer

For those that are more inclined to taking brisk walks as workouts and are searching for the perfect shoe that allows great performance, then the Asics Gel DS-Trainer is arguably one of the best ones out there that you could possibly have. Those that have a gait that is neutral should really consider this option as it is a more lightweight, flexible shoe. I found out that these shoes offer great cushioning and increased comfort without being that heavy. Typically, the best shoes for walking are those that are also running designs that can meet the demands of walkers as well. They are affordable as well, which make them a great option to consider for those on a budget.

Asics Men's Gel DS Trainer 20

New Balance 1080

As an avid walker, I understand more than most how important it is to have great cushioning as it can prevent fatigue when you have to walk extended distances for longer periods of time. I may not need as much cushioning as runners, but I still need shoes that can absorb the impact of my every step. These walking shoes from New Balance provide the support I demand, boasting midsole cushioning that aids in support. Invest in these shoes and you will never look back!

New Balance 1080 V6