Inspiration is always around us, and the trick – I have discovered – is knowing where and how to search for it. I constantly tell my clients that in order to be inspired, you have to think in an inspired way. This sometimes means you have to inspire those around you as well as it feels good to be able to help others as it is just one way in which we all can truly pay it forward. The more you reach out and encourage others, the more enlightened you will become too.


I like to start out my days with a healthy morning walk to get me inspired about starting a new day fresh and invigorated. What studies have shown time and time again is that effective leaders choose the correct tactics for the right missions, whether it is the office room or a battlefield. Being able to inspire other people comes in many forms. The following are some ways in which you can inspire others.

Positive attitude


Staying focused on relationships.


Being able to stay focused even during the most dire of times and circumstances is the true sign of an inspirational figure. Navy SEALs are examples of those that are able to perform missions without needing the assistance of other government groups or counterparts.


Being able to leave your ego behind.


In order to really influence someone, let your actions speak louder than words. This adage may be an old saying but it certainly holds true still to this day. If you claim to be great at something and then don’t deliver, everyone will see that and know in an instant.


Being able to identify winning and winners.


True winners know what winning looks and feels like, and they know how to meander their way through trials and tribulations. Realizing the potential means identifying what it is you are truly after and making sure those around you know as well.


Utilizing amazing talent.


If you have the best people around you, then you don’t need a lot of people as only a handful will do. Once you find quality people, stay connected to them and keep them around you as often as possible since they lift you up.


Setting them free.


Don’t stifle someone or pull in the reigns. Instead, give them the space they need to shine and truly succeed. Give people that direction, the timeline, and authority to both act and react.


Be an active listener.

Reflective listening

The older you get, the more you are able to differentiate between those that understand as well as those that are looking to be understood. Find out which one you are and learn how to hone those talents.


Curbing your enthusiasm.


Never underestimate the power of emotional intelligence as it encompasses several parts. No one wants to be around a human grenade, so take that into consideration when attempting to inspire others.


Building resilience.


We are always inspiring to go bigger, better, faster, more. We all claim to be resilient, but the reality is that not all of us are. Once you are able to do more, then you in effect become more.