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Time to Replace

Being in the great outdoors is one of my greatest passions and more than anything else, I like to hike and walk on trails any chance I get. As such, I have gone through countless walking shoes from a slew of brands that have offered me great support over the years. Since I am an avid walker, I am constantly searching for the best shoes on the market that give me the comfort and flexibility I need when walking. Of course, there are some shoe brands that are better than others, and I have come across some lesser known companies that actually produce better shoes than the more mainstream ones. Naturally, I have asked friends and other avid walkers out there for their opinion and I am constantly streamlining my list as I scour sites online for great pairs of shoes.

What are some of the sites that I have come across to produce a short list of candidates to be my next walking shoes? Well, I have turned to that gave me a list that also had input from previous owners and reviewers. I highly recommend it for those that want to get a more accurate account of what is out there.

Next, I chose to get more information here and was surprised at the long list of the shoes they advised some of the best available out there. Just to ensure that I covered all of my bases, I also went to and found a more comprehensive list of walking shoes that were among the most comfortable around.

Before you go out and buy your next pair of shoes, you should know that they come in so many different types. You also have to take into consideration that you want those shoes specifically for as those are some for fitness walking or those that are comfortable enough to take you from the office to traveling. So, what type of shoe is the best fit for you? Here are some factors that come to mind when you have to select the perfect shoe:

The fit is IT.

Not only should the shoes you select fit well, but there should be ample room left so that your feet can expand when you are walking. The shoes should also be about half a size larger than a dress shoe.

Flexibility is key.

A great walking shoe should be able to adapt to more than one environment and be flexible enough to roll as you step from the heel of your foot to the toe. If it doesn’t, you cannot possibly have a great walking experience and your range of motion can be compromised. If the shoes are stiffer than a board, you more than likely require different shoes.

Flat walking shoes.

There should be only a slight difference between the ball and heel of the foot. Search for flatter designs as opposed to a heel that is built-up.

Asics Gel DS-Trainer

For those that are more inclined to taking brisk walks as workouts and are searching for the perfect shoe that allows great performance, then the Asics Gel DS-Trainer is arguably one of the best ones out there that you could possibly have. Those that have a gait that is neutral should really consider this option as it is a more lightweight, flexible shoe. I found out that these shoes offer great cushioning and increased comfort without being that heavy. Typically, the best shoes for walking are those that are also running designs that can meet the demands of walkers as well. They are affordable as well, which make them a great option to consider for those on a budget.

Asics Men's Gel DS Trainer 20

New Balance 1080

As an avid walker, I understand more than most how important it is to have great cushioning as it can prevent fatigue when you have to walk extended distances for longer periods of time. I may not need as much cushioning as runners, but I still need shoes that can absorb the impact of my every step. These walking shoes from New Balance provide the support I demand, boasting midsole cushioning that aids in support. Invest in these shoes and you will never look back!

New Balance 1080 V6

Inspiring Others

Inspiration is always around us, and the trick – I have discovered – is knowing where and how to search for it. I constantly tell my clients that in order to be inspired, you have to think in an inspired way. This sometimes means you have to inspire those around you as well as it feels good to be able to help others as it is just one way in which we all can truly pay it forward. The more you reach out and encourage others, the more enlightened you will become too.


I like to start out my days with a healthy morning walk to get me inspired about starting a new day fresh and invigorated. What studies have shown time and time again is that effective leaders choose the correct tactics for the right missions, whether it is the office room or a battlefield. Being able to inspire other people comes in many forms. The following are some ways in which you can inspire others.

Positive attitude


Staying focused on relationships.


Being able to stay focused even during the most dire of times and circumstances is the true sign of an inspirational figure. Navy SEALs are examples of those that are able to perform missions without needing the assistance of other government groups or counterparts.


Being able to leave your ego behind.


In order to really influence someone, let your actions speak louder than words. This adage may be an old saying but it certainly holds true still to this day. If you claim to be great at something and then don’t deliver, everyone will see that and know in an instant.


Being able to identify winning and winners.


True winners know what winning looks and feels like, and they know how to meander their way through trials and tribulations. Realizing the potential means identifying what it is you are truly after and making sure those around you know as well.


Utilizing amazing talent.


If you have the best people around you, then you don’t need a lot of people as only a handful will do. Once you find quality people, stay connected to them and keep them around you as often as possible since they lift you up.


Setting them free.


Don’t stifle someone or pull in the reigns. Instead, give them the space they need to shine and truly succeed. Give people that direction, the timeline, and authority to both act and react.


Be an active listener.

Reflective listening

The older you get, the more you are able to differentiate between those that understand as well as those that are looking to be understood. Find out which one you are and learn how to hone those talents.


Curbing your enthusiasm.


Never underestimate the power of emotional intelligence as it encompasses several parts. No one wants to be around a human grenade, so take that into consideration when attempting to inspire others.


Building resilience.


We are always inspiring to go bigger, better, faster, more. We all claim to be resilient, but the reality is that not all of us are. Once you are able to do more, then you in effect become more.


Get Walking and Get Healthy

If you are looking to get fit in one of the easiest ways possible that is not hard on the joints, then you really should consider taking up walking. Not only are the mental and physical benefits extremely high, but it is something that you can start no matter what age you are. I personally prefer to walk on nature trails so that I can meditate and be one with nature. Over the years, I have learned to incorporate breathing techniques that elevate my fitness routines and it seems that my body has become more aligned as well and is thanking me in the process.

ladies walking

It’s not me just talking it up as walking has been studied by scientists for years, all signs show that walking is a lifestyle choice that comes with amazing benefits and that is one of the main reasons why it continues to trend worldwide. Before you get started, of course, you will want to speak with your primary healthcare physician and then invest in a great pair of walking shoes.


No matter what is going on with your life, you can always find a bit of time to take a break from it all with a short stroll outdoors. The benefits are great and include reducing stress and depression in up to 70% of participants. If you decide to walk even more than the minimum amounts, there is the potential to not even need medications anymore as your body will begin making everything it needs naturally to stay balanced. What are some other benefits? Read on


Increased Creativity


I find that whenever I need a bit of a quick creative boost, just walking around the block can do wonders for my state of mind and provide solutions for those problems that could be arising at work or even at home. Writers can walk around to get inspired for an upcoming book by getting those creative juices elevated. Studies have indicated that walking improves creativity in both divergent and convergent thinking.


Say Goodbye to Allergies


If you find yourself constantly sneezing, or that you have itchy and watery eyes because of all the pollen you encounter, then you should fight against your natural instincts to close the window and hide out, but instead go walking. Studies indicate that walking for even a quarter of an hour can reduce those symptoms significantly by up to 70%. Once you find the speed at which you want to walk, it will truly be a breeze.

woman sneezing

Increase Metabolism


Who doesn’t want an increased metabolism? With walking, you really help your heart out a ton by trimming fat around the waist, reducing heart disease, and preventing early death. As a form of cardio exercise, you have the power to reverse any damage that may have already occurred according to studies. The key to getting the most out of it is by revving the intensity up as you walk. I have taken these tips to heart and I have already seen great results.