Interesting Facts about Lord of the Rings

If you enjoy watching or reading the Lord of The Rings, you will enjoy reading about these interesting facts about the movie. Most of them are behind-the-scenes features about the Oscar-winning fantasy film.

  1. Daniel Day-Lewis turned down his role in the movie several times.


  1. Nicolas Cage passed his role to another actor because he had pressing family obligations needing his attention.


  1. The Return of the King episode has the highest record for body count, a number that stands at 836, animals not counted.


  1. The number of costumes created for the movie was about 18,000, with main characters having 30-40 of the same outfit.


  1. The original owner of the film, Tolkien, gave up the rights to ownership by selling the movie for £10,000 in 1969.


  1. The Battle of the Hornburg or the Battle of Helm’s Deep was shot mainly at night for four consecutive months.


  1. Gollum’s desperation and cravings on the heroin addicts withdrawal was Andy Serkis’s idea. He exhibited physical signs of sugar addiction, seriously.


  1. The chainmail used for the movie adaptation, if it were to be stretched side by side, would cover over 6 miles.


  1. Elijah Wood and Ian McKellen never filmed any scene together in person.


  1. The screeches by Nazgul were made by scraping target plastic cups together by the sound technicians.


  1. Peter Jackson’s children played some roles in the movie.


  1. Children of other members of the cast also appeared in some parts of the film as extras.


  1. The actors in the Fellowship of the Ring episode got matching tattoos as a way to commemorate their experience.


  1. Sir Christopher Lee, a fan of the movie, read the book version every year. He played the white wizard Saruman role.


  1. Sean Bean, being very afraid of flying, refused to fly to the remote locations where the shots were taken. He used to wake up earlier than the rest of the crew and make his way there by foot.


  1. Sir McKellen took away the hobbit and some of the souvenirs from the set of Lord of Rings. In one of the interviews, he proudly displays the Gandalf’s staff he stole.


  1. In New Zealand, the cast had to change their names for the film to be embraced there. The Postal service released commemorative stamps featuring Aragorn, Galadriel, Gandalf, Frodo, Boromir, Sam, and Saruman as a tourist attraction.


  1. Most of the actors sustained injuries during filming. Sean Astin, who played as Samwise Gamgee lost consciousness after being knocked by a wooden loom and in another instance, he broke two toes.


  1. In the Fellowship scene, only two members do not wear prosthetics. Those who did wanted to create an impression of their fantasy races, and they spent many hours every day adding these features.


  1. Cate Blanchett who played Galadriel acquired her elf ears by bronzing them after they were gifted to her after filming, but Liv Tyler was a bit careless with hers, and they ended up melting after exposure to high temperatures.